Terms & Conditions

…. in Simple English

By entering our site or using content of our site You agree  to following terms and condition:

  1. Access to the site in search of information that is available for viewing for any legal purpose is not restricted to the public. Defacing and attempting to access or use services or parts of the site that you are not authorised to do so is illegal. Attempting to hack, or hacking of (breaching security) our site is illegal.
  2. You must be a member (free or paid) to provide contents, review businesses, register a business or advertise your products and services. You can sign up as a member by providing your name, email, contact telephone and some other information.
  3. The information provided by this site could be outdated or incorrect.
  4. The site and its owner/operator is not liable for any loss, damage or injury caused due to the use of the site or its information.
  5. We are not able to provide any meta data or evidence of the use of the site for any legal matter as we may not be able to record and keep them.
  6. Content (text, images, voice and video), trademarks logos, trade names are properties of their owners. Permission to use any of these items must be directly addressed to the owners
  7. The information on this site can be provided by the owner, a third party registered with us or compiled by us from publicly available information.
  8. Information on your business can be claimed if they were entered by us or another party (eg. customer of your business, an employee or a competitor). This information can be changed to suit your satisfaction. However, reviews of your business may be exempt from being edited.
  9. To use the site and its services ethically and fairly. You are responsible for your unethical, unfair, defamatory and illegal use of the site and its content.
  10. All comments and reviews must be in English. If you require the use of other languages, a certified translation must be provided.
  11. You are expected to refrain from using foul, defamatory language on the site.
  12. You agree to provide us your information on your location in order to provide a list of businesses operating near you. We do not use this information for any other purpose and we will not disclose this information to any other party.
  13. Our site and services may be unavailable at any time for any reason without notice.  But we will try our best to make our site available for your use. When possible, adequate prior warning will be given. We are not liable for unavailability of the site and the issuing of a warning.
  14. We are not liable for the inability of your customers or you to use our site or any losses to you as a user, member, advertiser due to our acts of commissions and omissions.
  15. Your personal information and email that have been provided when registering as a member will not be available to any third party without your consent. We will use it to communicate with you about your membership and subscribed services. Additionally, you may receive an occasional (3-4 a year maximum) sales email and/or email newsletter from us show casing the site and new features and services. You understand that information in the site can be either provided by the owner, a third party registered with us or compiled by us  from publicly available information.


Some Meanings

‘User’: who access our site and obtain its information. We do not know who you are and we may or  not record your browser information and location. User can be a person, business, legal entity or employee of such entity.

‘Member’: A user who is registered with us or known to us. They are allowed to enter,modify or delete content . That is a member can do a review of a business, list a favourite business or list member’s own business and its information.  There are free memberships and paid memberships with different access level and subscription periods..

‘Advertiser’: Either a member or non member who pay for advertising in our site.can be a person, legal entity or employee of such entity.

‘Listing’: An entry in our database which can be searched by any person over the internet. Listing can contain information of a business, person, product or services. We can create listing on a business or product  by reproducing public information. These information is property of owner of the relevant public information.  If the business owner or owner of information wants to claim the ownership they can do so.

‘Site’: www.isthere.com.au or any URL containing isthere.com.au.

‘isThere’: a registered business name of  the owner.  isThere logo is its property.

‘You’: a public user, member of our site , advertiser, listing owner  or any legal entity.

We’: is the owner/operator of isThere and its web sites.


We are happy to listen to you and welcome any constructive  criticism. Hope the content is useful to you, you can make the content better by listing or reviewing of your favorite business, listing of your own  business, or using our other services. (Buying or selling a car, house, classifieds, job and micro jobs)